wymob app

Wymob app

The best way to move, optimize your time, be located all the time, keep in touch with your friends, report incidents... Anticipates jams, calculate your route, find your friends, tell your friends where you are exactly and much more...


Display traffic information in real time, traffic incidents (works, accidents, and more information... controls of general interest. Inform other users of traffic incidents or other information considered of interest to users of the community. Calculation of routes, allowing you to establish the origin and destination of a route and choose among alternatives.


Through your mobile wymob access your location and your friends. An easy way to find you quickly and efficiently. The creation of public and private fleets of users, location of the members in real time. Messaging between members of a fleet.


Update the information in your profile and security of the account. Establish visibility preferences, location and sound effects. Receive notifications from other users.


Send messages to fleets and friends.

Send public messages to users in the community who are in the vicinity.


Add friends.

Location of friends.

Messaging with friends.

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